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"The fish shipment was a huge hit! My parents told me the fish quality and recommendations on recipes were awesome! Great job. They loved it."

Dave T.

Manhattan Beach, CA

"Tonight was another drop dead Cooke and Helms dinner! From the beginning I had the idea that the theme was Peruvian and I ran with it. We went to a Peruvian restaurant in Sarasota, got menus online and researched the foods. Found couscous corn in a Spanish market to make a custard. The menu stretched my imagination. I spent hours coming up with the final combination of flavors. It was well worth the time and sleepless hours. Our guests were blown away!"

Jan R.

Boca Grande, FL

"We loved the smoky richness of the Arctic Char! The planks were new to me and our guests. We even sent our friends home with the extra planks so they could have fun at the next night. Thanks to everyone at Cooke & Helms."

Sam R.
Member Since: May, 2015

“Our meal tonight was fantastic. We love that spice and need more ways to use it. I could eat the squash (and did) by the spoonful and the scallops were equally delicious”

Nancy L.

"We are having great fun getting ready for our feast - collecting the ingredients, doing the preliminary preparations and trying to stay out of the wine along the way!"

Stephen G.

Anchorage, KY

"We had a blast! The Mahi Mahi arrived Thursday morning and I left work early so that I could go home and prepare all the sides and rub the fish down. The whole night was fantastic…so much so that my guests came back 20 minutes later after leaving to grab the leftovers to give their daughter who was flying in at midnight. That’s how good it was."

Julie H.

Charlotte, NC

"I am getting ready to start preparing the ingredients for tonight’s meal. However, after reading through the book enclosed with the seafood, all I can say is WOW. Extremely well done. This is so very impressive. I enjoyed reading the book. The photography is excellent, the way it is written is like a story."

Jeff F.

"Outstanding! The ingredients danced in my mouth. Perfect blend of sweet, acid from the vinegar to melt into the wahoo, plus the cilantro to enhance the bed of slaw.”

Member Since: February, 2015

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