Please call us if you have any questions. We may be fishing, but will call you back within one business day. If you have additional questions, please view our FAQs page.

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Common Questions
When will my package arrive?

Cooke & Helms ships exclusively with FedEx Priority overnight and will be delivered the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Where is my package?

Part of our commitment to excellence is that we will track every package from is source to its destination. We will even arrange reattempts if FedEx is unable to deliver the package on their first try.

My package is damaged. What do I do?

We can’t know fast enough so please contact us at so we can fix it. Additionally, let’s not lose that seafood. Please determine whether the interior cooler for the seafood was damaged. If not, place the seafood in the refrigerator and we will replace any other damaged or missing materials. If yes, let us know and we will either replace it the following day or add another month onto your membership.

My membership is running out, what do I do?

Please sign up for another year! Cooke & Helms strives to offer the best seafood membership program ever. To do that, we like to plan and build a program around annual memberships. The annual membership allows us to deliver a great experience, each and every month.