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Common Questions
Where does the seafood come from?

Cooke & Helms will only source the seasonally best from healthy fisheries around the globe.

Will the seafood be fresh or frozen?

In nearly all cases, the seafood will be fresh. However, some incredible species are better sourced frozen like certain types of shrimp, lobster and crabs.

When will the seafood be delivered?

The seafood will be delivered the 2rd Thursday of every month with exceptions for national holidays. We do this so that we can plan the freshest seafood available. We want the Cooke & Helms member to experience the best and to do that we like to plan and execute perfectly!

What if the member is not available to receive the seafood that month?

We offer two solutions: 1) Our “Pay the Seafood Forward” option allows the member to share one month’s offering by shipping to a second home or family and/or friends. 2) Deferring that month’s shipment.

Gift Membership
How will the recipient of my gift be alerted?

Each gift recipient will receive a personalized letter from Cooke & Helms announcing their gift membership. They will receive a unique log-in code with instructions to set-up their membership.

What if I want to send the announcement electronically?

You will have the option to receive an electronic gift announcement that you can forward to the recipient. It will contain their unique log-in code with instructions to set-up their membership.

How do I track my gifts?

We take pride in our seasonal best seafood offering. To ensure peak freshness, we track each shipment to the member’s door.

Personal Membership
How is a personal membership different from a gift membership?

It is the same.

Corporate Membership
I'd like to send a Cooke & Helms package to different people each month as a corporate gift. How do I create and manage a corporate membership?

Just purchase a personal membership and use the "Pay the Seafood Forward" option to manage your shipments. We also offer personal service for large corporate requests. Please call 1-855-401-2297 for personalized service.