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Seafood Experience

Each month’s selection is inspired by a great destination and a leading chef. Our chefs create 5-star recipes easy enough for you and your friends to make at home. Cooke & Helms monthly selections will represent the best of the season from a perfect location – think a lazy spring weekend of fine food and history in Charleston or a relaxing fall weekend at beach in Santa Barbara. Simply, a great destination, the best seasonal seafood, a chef inspired menu with simple recipes and recommended wine pairings and a hand selected accompaniment delivered directly to the your door.


We believe the experience starts with selecting the best seasonal seafood available. Whether it is Yukon River King Salmon, Maryland Black Bass or Louisiana Gulf Shrimp, our hand-picked seasonal selections will be exceptional. Guaranteed. When you start with great seafood, you only need a few simple ingredients to let the seafood shine. Our chef inspired menu will be a great anchor for the ultimate experience in your home.


Our monthly selection is delivered directly to the member's door and is all about celebrating a great destination. One month we pair Sullivan Island Black grouper with heirloom Cherokee red tomato flakes. Another month we pair Copper River King Salmon with Cooke & Helms “Fire-Branded” cedar planks. Our chef will develop a simple menu and recipe to be shared with your family and close friends.